PD8 Seated platform passengers


4 Seated passengers, 2 male & 2 female

Figures are white metal cast, designed to suit 4mm OO/EM/P4 gauge, 1 to 76 scale and are 23mm high (scale ht 5’9” to top of head). The figures are generally sold in packs of 4 castings portraying 4 different figures.

Figures can be purchased pre-painted. We use an enamel primer then acrylic layers & highlights. The figures are then finally varnished with an enamel matt varnish.
Please note that actual colours will vary slightly to those illustrated as they are hand painted. They contain small amounts of lead and would be un-suitable for children.

Figures can be purchased unpainted. These are supplied as raw white metal castings.

Figures can be purchased primed & pinned. A light grey etch primer is used to create a solid undercoat for your paint layers. The figures are also pinned with a thin brass rod to help attach the figures to your surface.