A family man currently living in East Yorkshire. I have always had a fascination with models; initially military but later more with railways, and in particular; buildings’ and artistic scene settings creating little miniature worlds of semi-realism. Earlier I was in a local regiment of The Sealed Knot (English Civil War) seventeenth century battle re-enactment society for several years, and prior to that played drums in various local bands only giving that up eventually and more recently to pursue the model railway show attendances as the volume of shows we were asked to attend increased.



Nowadays I am more relaxed about show attendances with layouts and try to blend in the figure painting activity more.

Professionally I work as an Architectural Technologist (building designer), and both work for a corporate company, and part-time assisting a small architectural practice. I therefore perhaps specialise more in the architecture and styles of old and historic buildings and modelling and displaying them at a true scale within the realms of railway modelling. I spend most of my free time either surveying buildings ready to model, modelling the buildings in the workshop, painting figures or on the road showing layouts at exhibitions.

Along with writing more than 30 model railway magazine articles (listed below), I have also had my work featured on several DVD’s. Recently the Rowland’s Castle layout appeared on Episode 6 of the short-lived ITV drama series, ‘Eternal Law’. Over the years, I have attended model railway exhibitions all over the UK and in Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and Northern Ireland.

In 2015 I was lucky enough to win for the second time the prestigious ‘Railway Modeller’ magazine Cup for The Worlds End layout. Steve Flint had previously presented me with the 2008 RM cup for the Rowlands Castle layout. A great honour.

I public speak at events about a range of modelling and experience subjects and have attended local history, charity Round Table, Lions and Rotary Club events illustrating many aspects of the hobby together with displaying examples of my work.


In October 2015 I was honoured to be invited to Australia to speak and present at the BRMA (British Railway Modellers of Australia) Convention in Brisbane. My talks included World War II railway preparations for the D-Day landings, holistic scale modelling and the East Yorkshire railway architect G.T. Andrews, and together with several workshop demonstrations, I visited with other members’ homes to view their layouts in-situ.

I feel I have the support my family behind me, especially my wife Julie, who can often be found at the shows either helping to run the layout or tending to the figures table.

I now produce cast metal model 4mm OO, P4, EM gauge scale figures after becoming bemused at the lack of choice and quality of cast metal figures available to furnish The Worlds End modern image project. I noticed most layouts were also perhaps beginning to look the same with regards to figures, so I wanted to produce my own unique ones. These figures are available to purchase at very reasonable price either direct from this website or direct at one of the model railway shows I am attending. This has progressed to supplying the figures either as unpainted castings, or fully panted and varnished, and carrying out painting commissions for other people. I also purchase 7mm O gauge figures for painting and selling from the ‘Heroes of the Footplate’ 7mm O gauge.

I do hope you like the website and continue to enjoy the layouts I create. It makes it all worthwhile. Of course, if you are at a show, please come and say hello.



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